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Maybe Never Happens, ever. Here is my story....

I was born a seeker, with my thumb in my mouth, all of 13 pounds, ready to go. I have wanted MORE since I can remember. Here I sit, in gratitude, for my Mother who knows how to find what works, no matter what, and my Father who never takes NO for an answer. Their combined uniqueness has led me to this path, a SEEKER'S path. I seek solutions, I find them, I conquer them, I teach others, I repeat. 
My first memory EVER is FOOD based. I used to hide peanut butter under my bed to create comfort in very uncomfortable circumstance. My world was based in discomfort, and the unexpected. There was abuse and neglect and stranger danger and …..Skippy.  
Around the age of 19 my world spun out of control. You see my Friend, the WRONG CHOICES worked until they didn't. 

I had to get to the point where I was willing to do ANYTHING it took to start searching for solutions, finding them, and grabbing on with ALL OF MY MIGHT. 

I became a searcher, a TRUTH SEEKER, a solutions finder, and am still HUNGRY on this path to answers. 

I grab on, I go for all that life offers, and I am all in, there is no MAYBE to my healing journey, because one thing I know for sure, is that Maybe never happens

This site will offer you the solutions that I have worked on, tweeked, massaged and mastered over the past 28+ years. 

I have been a healer, chiropractor, baby whispering, kid loving, mama supporting crazy lady for decades. 

I know how to balance FEARLESS accountability with compassionate understanding and unbiased love for my clients. I am so happy that your world has landed you in my playground, even if for a short time.

Loving you from here, 

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